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Renaissance Place Widgets

Find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Creating Widgets

Who can create widgets?
Your Renaissance Place District Administrator has access to the school code and can create widgets for the entire district as well as individual schools. That person can also share the widget code with anyone who may have an interest in the widget activity, such as teachers, parents, students, and so forth.

Why am I redirected to a Sign In page when I try to create a widget or view the My Widgets tab?
Either you opened the site without logging in through Renaissance Place or you were automatically logged out. Renaissance Place will automatically log users out after the page has been idle for about 20 minutes. In either case, you need to log in so that Renaissance Place knows which district or school data to include on your widget.

What range does each timeframe cover?
Daily: Today
Weekly: Sunday through Saturday
Monthly: Numbers start over on the first day of each month
Year to date: August 1 through July 31

Why does the grade drop-down show K-12 when the school I selected has K-4 students enrolled?
Showing all the grades allows widgets to be made for any grade, even if the school selected doesn't have all of them.

How many widgets can I create?
Create as many as you like.

Where can I find the system requirements for using widgets?
Go to system requirements for the most up-to-date system requirements.

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Widget Data

How often does my data update?
Nationwide widgets update every 10 seconds, while district and school widgets update about every 10-15 minutes.

Why don't the numbers on my widget match my Dashboard or other Renaissance Place reports?
The Dashboard and widget are not set to the same schedule. If the numbers are close, it's the difference between the time that each one finishes summarizing the data and refreshes the numbers. If the numbers aren't close, you're probably viewing a different timeframe. Widgets have four time frames--Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Year to date.

Why are my monthly totals less than my weekly totals?
If a month starts mid-week, there may only be a day or two of data included in the monthly totals, but five or six days of data for the weekly totals.

Which AR Quiz types does Books Read include?
Books Read includes Reading Practice Quizzes in English and Spanish, including Recorded Voice. It does not include Literacy Skills Quizzes, Other Reading Quizzes, or Teacher-made Quizzes.

Where do the books shown in the Recently Read Books section come from?
The books shown represent the 30 most recent Accelerated Reader Quizzes passed in your district, school, or grade. For a district or school, the books are evenly divided among the grades.

Why does my widget include recently read books when it shows zero books or words read?
Recently Read Books are not tied to the timeframe selected for the widget. It simply pulls a list of the most recently read books from the grade, school, or district selected. It is most common to see zero books or words read at the start of a new time period, such as the first day of the month if you are viewing data monthly.

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Using/Viewing Widgets

Why do I get a warning when I put my widget on a secure page?
The widget is an embedded Flash control. Many browsers now warn users and ask for their consent to allow the embedded controls to work.

Where can I view my widget?
That's completely up to you. You can place the school code on any public or private Web site.

How do I handle student data privacy?
Widgets are designed to show data for large groups of students to protect individuals, which is why they don't include quiz scores. As with any tool that shares student data, you'll want to be careful about showing data summarized for a small number of students.

Why do I need widgets if I already have the Dashboard?
Widgets are intended for motivation rather than analysis, and are available to everyone-not just Renaissance Place users.

Can I change the size of the widget?
Not at this time.

What happens to a widget that I've shared with someone if I delete it or stop sharing it?
The person will receive an error message saying the widget is no longer available, and the Web page will need to be updated with valid widget code.

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