Learning takes practice.

It’s the road from good enough to full potential. Anyone can get there, they say, if they practice with heart and with dedication.

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To those who choose this path, we add this:
you must also practice wisely, the right things, the best way, in the correct order.

This is your map.
All that’s left is to begin the journey.

Built to engage,
designed to inspire.

It’s not surprising; kids who are excited and engaged learn best. And a big part of learning comes from practice. But here’s the thing: kids are most likely to practice what they enjoy. Our reading and math tools tap into a student’s natural interests, so they don’t think of learning as work. As a result, they practice more, learn more, and achieve more.

A framework for today’s dynamic classrooms.

Classrooms can be active and exciting places. They can be fertile ground for collaboration in curiosity, where students work together on math problems, or exchange ideas about a book. Students can also log in from any device, anywhere, any time, and interact with their teacher or classmates.

We make it personal.

Students need to practice the right skills in the right way, and that means continuous feedback on their work. But teachers can’t always be there. Our tools make it easy for students to get immediate feedback and for teachers to get a quick but complete picture of each student’s progress. Then we point to what’s needed next. Whether forming student groups or creating personalized learning paths, teachers get the strategies they need to personalize instruction. We help set a constant course for achieving the goals of Common Core and state standards in any learning environment.


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Creating a Culture of Reading



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Personalizing Math Practice


Guide students to learn the right skills, at the right time, in the right way.


The most widely used reading program in K12 schools.

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The most widely used math program in K12 schools.

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