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Accelerated Reader

“It's been a journey, but Accelerated Reader has been the critical piece in our success. AR not only taught our students how to read and made the difference in our scores, but also engaged parents and brought us together as a faculty. AR has played a huge part in everything we've done, and we have a culture of readers to show for it.”

Barbara Walton
    Cleveland School of the Arts @ H E Davis • Cleveland, OH

“My job is not done until every child meets with success, so I continue to work. The time invested in making the AR program work is worth it. Providing quality literature and a real opportunity for every child to read and succeed is my passion. AR has helped me do just that, beyond what I could ever have imagined.”

Virginia Snowden • Employee of ALS/INST/IPS
    Renaissance Learning • Lakeville, CT

“AR is an important part of our data gathering. We watch results carefully--participation rates, success rates--and we have teachers with the most success collaborate with those needing improvement. AR is valuable and a strong strategy when used well.”

William Fetterhoff • Superintendent
    Godwin Heights Public Schools • Wyoming, MI


With more than 175 scientific research studies, Accelerated Reader is one of the few products with studies that met the selective criteria of the What Works Clearinghouse.

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The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring has found Accelerated Reader to meet its rigorous evaluation criteria for scientifically based progress-monitoring tools.

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Promising Practices Network reviewed Accelerated Reader and found it to be a "proven program" that boosts student reading achievement.

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Accelerated Reader has earned the top rating of “Strong Evidence” for Prevention and Intervention at all grade levels by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

Accelerated Math

“With Accelerated Math, my students are so excited about math that most of them come to see me every day to get a lesson. They get excited to pass their tests and move to the next level. Their success builds confidence and a love for math!”

Jackie Matthews • Teacher
    Life Christian School • Tacoma, WA

“Most of our students come to us after many years of failure in math, not believing they can succeed anymore. They’ve never had individualized assignments, and they’ve never been individually recognized at the levels that Accelerated Math allows me to do it. With Accelerated Math, they know it’s all about their unique goals and they’re not lost in the masses.”

Victoria Shearing • Teacher
    Cleveland Naval JR ROTC Academy • Saint Louis, MO

“With Accelerated Math, you have a differentiated math program for every student—one so individualized that every strength and weakness is clearly defined and can be acted on immediately. The amount of feedback and the daily interaction with each child make it impossible for anyone to fall through the cracks.”

John Daffron • Teacher
    Newport Heights Elementary School • Newport Beach, CA


Accelerated Math was highly rated for progress monitoring mastery measurement with perfect scores in all categories by the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI).

Accelerated Math is highly rated for progress monitoring mastery measurement by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).

The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring has found Accelerated Math to meet all seven of its quality standards.

Accelerated Math has earned the top rating of “Strong Evidence” for Prevention and Intervention at all grade levels by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network.

STAR assessments

“There are multiple school systems across the country that have STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, STAR Math, and AR, but they have no idea what a gold mine of data they’re sitting on. They give me real-time data to use with principals and teachers to address learning gaps, need for remediation, or need for acceleration with any student, at any time.”

Norma Gerrell • Director
    Tennessee Department of Education • Nashville, TN

“The original version was nice, but with STAR Reading Enterprise, I feel like a diagnostician. The learning progressions and sample prerequisites really drill down to what, diagnostically and technically, is the problem—and exactly what to do about it. It’s just amazing.”

Sue Kanigsberg • Director of Instruction
    Dover Area School District • Dover, PA

“Since implementing STAR Reading and STAR Math this fall as screening tools for Response to Intervention, we're better able to target and work with kids on their levels, and this is increasing their confidence and desire to be here.”

Donna Ginn • Title I Coordinator
    Batavia Middle School • Batavia, OH


STAR assessments are highly rated for screening and progress monitoring by the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI).

STAR assessments are highly rated for progress monitoring by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).


“Subtext unlocks the best elements of digital learning: collaboration, scaffolding, and communication. It lets me combine the most beneficial parts of in-class instruction with the most beneficial parts of flipped-classroom instruction so students come to class ready for higher-level thinking, discussion, and writing.”

Sarah Nolan • 11th & 12th Grade English Teacher
    Cathedral High School • Indianapolis, IN

“Subtext is the only ereader I’ve seen that suits teacher and student needs perfectly. Our elementary school teachers love peppering polls and questions throughout the book and appreciate the feedback they get from their students as they read, when their comprehension is fresh.”

Deborah Levy • K12 Integration Specialist
    Chadwick School • Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

“What we love about Subtext is that it provides us with a way for students to interact with the text and collaborate with each other, while we are able to guide discussions, embed strategy instruction, and move them to higher-level thinking.”

Sara Speicher & Julie Walthour • Literacy Specialists & English Teachers
    Hopkins West Junior High • Minnetonka, MN


Subtext was named a 2014 ON for Learning Award Winner. Subtext received Common Sense's highest rating (5/5) for learning potential and represents the very best of kids' digital media products designed to educate and engage.

Click here to read their review.

Accelerated Math Fluency

“The beauty of using Accelerated Math and MathFacts in conjunction with RTI is the management side of things. We can pinpoint specific skills/objectives to target and then print the materials that are an exact match. As a teacher, I'm not scrambling to find materials in several different places--it's all right there!”

Kris Curnes • Teacher
    Russell Elementary School • Moscow, ID

“I started to use STAR Math, Accelerated Math, and MathFacts in a Flash, and I have found that the differentiated environment allows for individual assignments to begin where a student will experience success, then move them into other objectives in a step-wise manner that follows our state standards.”

Porfirio Diaz • Teacher
    Taft Middle School • Los Ranchos, NM

“My students have mostly experienced failure in mathematics. Accelerated Math and MathFacts in Flash provide an opportunity for them to be successful; to focus on what they have achieved. They can measure themselves by their own goals and not what others are doing.”

Kristi Wheeldon • Resource Teacher
    Kelso High School • Kelso, WA


Accelerated Math Fluency (formerly MathFacts in a Flash) was highly rated for progress monitoring mastery measurement with perfect scores in all categories by the National Center on Response to Intervention(NCRTI).

Accelerated Math Fluency (formerly MathFacts in a Flash) is highly rated for progress monitoring mastery measurement by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).

English in a Flash

“English in a Flash has worked wonders for my students... . In the beginning of this year, many of my students had no ability or very little ability to speak English... . This program has helped my students advance their literacy development... . I am able to help close the gaps for achievement, which allows my students to further their education.”

Chris McGilvery • Teacher
    San Jacinto Junior High School • Midland, TX

“The repetitive nature of English in a Flash in conjunction with the visual aids gives students ample opportunity to learn vocabulary quickly. Spelling has also improved for most students since we started using it.”

Carla Garcia • Teacher
    Amphitheater High School • Tucson, AZ

“We all fell in love with English in a Flash immediately. It is exactly what we needed for our students who need help with English language acquisition. ”

Denise Simpson • Assistant/Associate Principal
    Buford Elementary School • Buford, GA
Successful Reader

“I have worked with 'at-risk' students for nearly 10 years. This is the first reading program that attends to student reading comprehension needs in an authentic, data-based approach. The program is easy to use and effective. Successful Reader works.”

Craig Hopkins • Technology Coordinator
    Le Conte Middle School • Los Angeles, CA

“I love Successful Reader and see a spark in my students that wasn't there before! Some students have taken off and are reading independently. Their reading scores are reflecting the extra effort. They are enthusiastic about the program and rarely miss my class.”

Lorie Jenkins • Reading Specialist
    Burk Elementary School • Gilbert, AZ

“Many students begin my Successful Reader class with low expectations, as they’d not yet experienced the support as offered by Guided Independent Reading. Now those same students are very aware of their accomplishments and have become goal-oriented.”

Christine Hebert • Teacher
    Erath Middle School • Erath, LA
Accelerated Math Intervention

“Accelerated Math Intervention has played a huge role in the growth and confidence that our struggling students have experienced.”

Christopher Scott • Assistant/Associate Principal
    Joseph L McCourt Middle School • Cumberland, RI

“Because of all the data and grouping from Accelerated Math Intervention, everyone is successfully working on objectives at their level. Now I feel like I can give everyone the attention they need.”

Terri Johnson • Teacher
    Paul J Solis Elementary School • Gretna, LA

“Our responders have become an integral part of our classrooms. Time that used to be spent in grading can now be used for planning and developing new lessons. Feedback to students has improved because the grades are available instantly. The students love the fact that they do not have to wait for grades until the teacher gets the test graded. I personally love the fact that the analysis of assignments makes it possible for me to identify where my students didn't get it, so we can go back and hit those points again.”

Bruce McKain • Special Education Coordinator
    Central Hardin High School • Cecilia, KY

“The 2Know! system is an excellent tool for delivering differentiated instruction and assessment because it enables me to interact with students of different levels differently, but simultaneously, and without their being aware of the differentiation.”

Danielle Kay • Teacher
    Dr. W. Arnone Elementary School • Brockton, MA

“With the push to provide data driven instruction, the responders have been an invaluable aid, allowing the teachers to easily pinpoint where students are having difficulties, whether it be their understanding of the subject or the wording of the questions.”

Marian Huffman • Technology Coordinator
    Frewsburg Central School District • Frewsburg, NY
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