What is Renaissance-U?

Research shows effective teachers are the key factor in student achievement. A culture of data literacy, in which all educators understand how to analyze and take action on data, defines today’s effective school. Renaissance-U gives educators and school leaders the flexibility to engage in professional development precisely when it’s needed and convenient, blending personalized, professional data consulting with self-paced online tutorials and activities.

Online support and facilitated data conversations.

Gain insight as you learn to analyze and act on your Renaissance data. A data consultant will work with a core team of two champions and the principal in each school to facilitate data conversations with teams of teachers three times a year, and question-and-answer sessions twice a year. The data coach will communicate with the core team via phone, Internet, or live chat, and will help develop a timeline for monitoring progress.

Self-paced online tutorials and activities.

Short, engaging tutorials and activities present critical content to effectively use Renaissance Learning’s assessment, math, and reading solutions and the data they provide. Teachers access online tutorials through the Renaissance Place hosted platform.

Online professional development has the same effect on students and teachers as more traditional face-to-face professional development. Learn more:

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Renaissance-U Focus Assessment Math Reading
Syllabus Overviews Assessment Course Suite Math Course Suite Reading Course Suite
Online Support and Facilitated Data Conversations See a data coach facilitating a conversation with educators Three times a year, a Renaissance data coach will work with teams of educators to discuss their data so they can gain insight into their students and plan their next steps.
Guided Assistance Two question-and-answer sessions can be scheduled with the coach to give attendees the opportunity to ask specific questions about essential practices that help them use the product effectively.
Tutorial Example

Take a look at a few tutorials here and experience for yourself how Renaissance-U Course Suites empower educators to enhance their implementation of our assessment, reading, and math products.
Universal screening: Understanding the Screening Report Differentiating Practice and Instruction by Depth: How Can Accelerated Math Help You Differentiate by Depth Connect students with the right books: Use points to estimate length
Activity Example

Get a firsthand look at the activities that educators engage in as they learn to find and make the most of key information.
Understanding the Screening Report How does math practice differ for student groups? Practice setting
point goals

To learn more about facilitated courses, personalized guidance, and data conversations available through Renaissance-U, call (800) 338-4204 or contact your Renaissance Learning representative.

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