Renaissance Home Connect

Bring your classroom right into
your students’ homes.

You can’t argue with proven research: Students perform better when parents are actively involved in the learning process. By logging onto Renaissance Home Connect, parents can access real-time information in English or Spanish to stay up to date and keep their children motivated. See what students and parents can do in the sections below for Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, and Accelerated Math Fluency.

Accelerated Reader Accelerated Math Accelerated Math Fluency

Accelerated Reader

  • See progress toward reading goals.
  • Conduct book searches using AR BookFinder.
  • Review AR Quiz results*.
  • View the number of books and words read.
  • Strengthen vocabulary skills.
*Does not allow quizzing in Accelerated Reader from home.

Accelerated Math

  • See progress toward math goals.
  • Access the new online student program*.
  • Access Worked Examples and Math Glossary.
  • Receive emails with test results.
*Does not allow testing in Accelerated Math from home.

Accelerated Math Fluency

  • See progress toward math facts goals.
  • View performance on latest practice session—including problems answered incorrectly*.
  • Practice math facts at home using the same program as at school.
  • Register to receive email notifications when a child has mastered a level.
*Does not allow testing for mastery in Accelerated Math Fluency from home.

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