Actionable Data

Gain actionable insight to drive growth.

Instant reporting provides detailed information at a moment’s notice to help you evaluate instruction, identify student needs, and intervene quickly and effectively to give all your students the help they need exactly when they need it.

Students and teachers receive instant feedback after every assignment. Students receive instant feedback through the practice summary. Using Accelerated Math’s progress dashboard, teachers can see exactly how each group is progressing and adjust assignments according to students’ needs.

The math dashboard seamlessly combines key data from STAR Math assessments and Accelerated Math 2.0 into one dynamic interface, providing teachers with a highly efficient 360-degree view of a student’s math performance at a glance.

View the Math Dashboard Video

Students receive feedback immediately after completing each assignment.

Immediately see how students are progressing via the progress dashboard.

Immediately see how students are progressing via the progress dashboard.a

Detailed Diagnostics for Practice and Instruction

Explore students’ data in relation to their peers. Click on a name to gain even greater insight against the green Learning Zone.

Learning Progression for Growth Planning

With the dynamic new interface of the Core Progress learning progression, see what skills students are ready to learn and build a growth plan to prepare students for college and career.

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