2Know! Success Stories

Educators across the nation are experiencing tremendous success with the 2Know! Classroom Response System.

Here are current examples of that success:

Responders aid Georgia math teacher with individualized instruction.

Keri Davis teaches the low flexible math group in fifth grade at Newnan Crossing Elementary in Georgia. With 24 students who did not pass the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) the previous year, she knew she couldn’t waste a single second in getting them caught up. She maximized her students’ individualized instruction with a combination of the Renaissance Responders, 2Know! Toolbar, and MathFacts in a Flash.

“Using MathFacts in a Flash on the responders has been a huge asset in my classroom,” Davis said. “My students were highly motivated to practice basic facts after completing their work because they were free to pick up a responder and begin their targeted operation.”

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Learning ‘snowballs’ in MA classroom with use of response system.

Danielle Kay recalls what it’s like to stand in front of students and ask a question the old-fashioned way. Some students are shy and sit quietly, hoping to remain invisible. Others are always among the first to raise their hands. In many schools across the nation, the days of the teacher asking a question and calling on one student at a time are gone.

In classrooms with 2Know!, teachers enjoy a far different classroom dynamic. All students are equally engaged in the learning process, answering questions and participating in discussions, quizzes, and lessons using hand-held responders. The anonymity of this system creates a socially safe way for shy and uncertain students to respond to questions.

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