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Classroom Response System

Engage students and get instant feedback.

Students love the 2Know! Classroom Response System, and teachers love it even more. Teachers can create and deliver quizzes, tests, homework, and exercises quickly and easily, and scoring is automatic. They can also keep students engaged with pulse questions that help gauge understanding with instant, anonymous feedback to inform instruction. 2Know! uses a wireless receiver, Renaissance Responders with a large, scrollable LCD screen, and easy-to-use software. 2Know! has many more easy-to-use features than standard “clickers,” and free upgrades and firmware updates give you all the latest capabilities without replacing responders (unlike many other systems). Get to know 2Know! below.

Get to know 2Know!

  • The largest LCD display. Scroll up to 7 lines of text for short-answer questions. Show questions and answer choices on screen simultaneously.
  • Flexible. Run either a teacher- or student-paced session. Store multiple assignments for class or homework. Grade short-answer questions instantly. Use responders out of classroom.
  • Easy to use. Built-in calculator (easily disabled during testing). Works with all interactive whiteboards/TVs/projectors.

Do more with 2Know!

  • Create “on-the-fly” quizzes. Instantly gauge student understanding by asking questions without entering any content.
  • Generate formalized assessments. Produce reusable questions and answer choices from over 9,000 ready-to-use content items, and from your own content. Questions can be easily linked to state standards and Common Core State Standards.
  • Differentiate assignments within a session. Assign different versions of the same assessment to different students based on their specific needs—all simultaneously within a session.
  • Store assignments on student responders. Upload and store up to eight individualized assignments on students’ responders so students can work on them at their own pace.

Expand your content with 2Know!

In addition to using your own content or the 9,000 items provided, 2Know! supports lots of third-party content. It also comes pre-loaded with Accelerated Math Fluency software for math practice, and allows you to transfer answers directly to Accelerated Math software.

Explore 2Know! Classroom Response System.

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