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Take your implementation to a deeper level for greater student achievement.

To be highly effective, educators need both targeted instruction and ongoing support. Renaissance Learning offers a variety of professional development services that can be blended to meet each school’s unique needs. We help educators understand and implement research-based strategies proven to create highly effective learning environments.

Available Professional Services

Close the gaps between knowing, doing, and achieving.

Research shows clearly that knowing often does not translate into doing. It’s not what teachers know, or even what teachers are able to do that impacts student achievement. It’s what teachers actually do consistently with students that make a difference in student achievement.

Research also confirms that highly effective schools achieve deep implementation with a plan that includes:

  • Building educators’ knowledge and skills
  • Coaching educators so they are successful doing what they have learned
  • Regularly checking classroom practices for fidelity of implementation
  • Monitoring to make sure students are achieving as a result

The deeper the level of implementation as measured through monitoring rubrics, the greater the impact on student achievement in high- and low-performing schools. This is the effect of deep implementation, which is only achieved by closing the knowing/doing gap.


Professional development customized for your needs.

Based on careful consideration of your needs as an educator who uses Renaissance Learning solutions, we’ll recommend a plan of services that can be delivered face-to-face, voice-to-voice, or a mix, custom blended to meet your unique needs. These include:

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