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Toughboy & Sister

Amber Delezo

Question 1 of 5
The matches slipped from Toughboy's pocket into the slough. A slough is a _____.
  • muddy, shallow inlet that feeds into a river
  • moist, sticky flour mixture used in baking
  • small bed, especially one that folds
  • kitchen device used to heat food
Question 2 of 5
The racks for drying the fish were made out of peeled spruce poles. What is the meaning of peeled?
  • having had the outer layer or skin removed
  • blackened on the surface by fire
  • very large or enormous
  • coated with dark, sticky pitch or tar
Question 3 of 5
Toughboy always yelled at Sister when he was upset. What is another word for upset?
  • troubled
  • right
  • exhausted
  • hungry
Question 4 of 5
Daddy had left kindling by the cutting block, and Toughboy gathered it. Kindling is _____.
  • dry material for starting a fire
  • sweet, golden liquid made by bees
  • soft, curled hair that grows on sheep
  • pottery made from shaped clay
Question 5 of 5
Toughboy looked at his sister closely to see if she thought she was smart. To do something closely is to do it _____.
  • in a way that pays careful attention
  • for a short time or while
  • with overdone courtesy or good behavior
  • with an amused or entertained manner

Toughboy & Sister
by Kirkpatrick Hill

Quiz: 9566 EN    Level: 4.8 MG

Ten-year-old Toughboy and his younger sister are stranded when their drunken father dies at a remote fishing cabin in the Yukon and, as a result, they spend a summer trying to cope with dwindling food supplies and hostile wildlife.


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